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 Chinguitty voyages LTD, leader travel agency in Mauritania, West Africa, with more than 18 years of success and experience in the tourism industry,
Local partner in Mauritania for many foreign companies.

Chinguitty voyages LTD offer the next services:

 Vacation and Leisure Travel and Tours for individuals and groups in Mauritania , 4x4 adventure tours and Safaris
 Cars rental and transportation services (4WD cars, 4x4 cars, SUV cars, Sedan cars, minibus, bus, utility cars etc.…)
Accommodation and hotel booking in Mauritania
Tours for individuals and groups in West Sahara of Morocco ( Dakhla and Laayoune region )
Tours for individuals and groups in Senegal and Gambia
 Small Aircrafts rental and air charter service in Mauritania
 Air Tourism in Mauritania
 Provide Logistics services for the international rallies, tourist groups, and sport events who across Mauritania land.
Mobile and fixed camps for tourists and events
 Catering services for groups and events
 Organization of seminars, events and meetings
Translation services for events, seminars, groups, trainings
 Business Tours for individuals, companies and "incentives” stays.
 Government, International organizations, and the diplomatic corps travel services

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